Instrumentation & Electrical Engineering Services

PYRAMID E&C provides detailing services for Electrical and Instrumentation systems across North America. Our services cover all stages of detail engineering from Pre-BID, Estimation, Detailed Engineering, 3D model and Construction drawings. Our team of E&I engineers and designers with average 10+ years’ experience specializes in detailing of plant Electrical and Instrumentation system as per NEC, NFPA, IEEE, ANSI, IEC, ISA & Customer specific standards. They apply their deep knowledge of electrical and instrumentation codes and fundamentals coupled with their hands-on experience to design and implement cost-effective, intuitive, robust solutions for E&I challenges. Advance software tools such as ETAP, SKM PTW, CYME PES being used for Electrical system studies from short circuit/fault current analysis to an arc flash study. Our team uses Engineering Information System tools for Cable Routing & administration for Plant Engineering. We have the skill set, knowledge base, and experience to fill your E&I needs, large or small.

  • Electrical One Line Diagram

The One-Line Diagram is a user-friendly interface to create and manage the electrical network database used for schematic network visualization.

  • Electrical System Studies

Electrical Systems with software simulation are done to analyse power system operation during short circuit and arc flash.

  • Cable / Tray sizing

The cables and tray are sized to optimize the cost and meet the project requirements. The purpose is to have right cable and tray selected to avoid faults or over cost the project budget. While sizing spare necessities are taken care.

  • I&E layout

The major layouts are of Switchgear room, Control room, Instrument Location, Earthing & Lightning protection, Lighting and Cable routing.

A control room or operations room is a room serving as a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled. The design of control room is done to suite the project requirement with an aesthetic view.

We detailed the layout to identify the actual location of instrument. This serves ease for construction contractor for erection and installation. The cable routing layout details the actual routing of cable tray / trench in the plant. Relevant section details are also provided wherever there is change in elevation / crossover.

  • Hook-up drawing

Hook-up drawing is a detailed drawing showing typical installation of instrument in a correct manner so that instrument operates properly. An improper installation may result in erratic instrument readings. The outcome of hook-up drawings will give MTO for tube and tube fittings, which will enable contractor to purchase the material in bulk.

  • FAT Witness

We provide FAT services for Switchgear, Transformer, DG set, Control system, Shutdown system and specialized package system. The FAT includes verification of Physical, BOM, layout, wiring, powering, grounding, loop check, HMI, logic, software.