Piping systems are fabricated in sections called spools. A pipe spool is an assembly of pipe and associated components that can be prefabricated in the workshop for future onsite installation and then shipped to site for assembling.

The isometric includes a part list identifying all component parts of the pipe being detailed. The isometric includes all pipe lengths and all necessary datum’s identifying the pipe location in the region where it is to be installed.

Our piping fabrication services includes everything from 2D General arrangement drawings / detailed piping layouts, piping isometrics and pipe spool drawings for seamless, accurate and hassle-free onsite and offsite prefabrication. We deliver piping fabrication / erection isometrics, spool drawings and related miscellaneous reports based on the convenience of fabrication works, spool transportability, site requirements etc. and to achieve the best industry construction practices and client requirements.

We also deliver 3D modelling, As-built models etc. with regard to safety, operability, access, maintenance and economics as per client preference.

Our key offerings are:

  • General Arrangement / Detailed Piping Layouts
  • Piping isometrics
  • Fabrication pipe spool drawings
  • PDMS 3D Modelling
  • CADWorx 3D Modelling
  • As Built Modelling / Drawings
  • Stress Analysis
  • Pipe support design and drawings
  • Site RFI resolutions