Early Production Facilities are fastest way to monetize investment with an optimum solution for Oil Fields. Pyramid offers both pre-built and custom-built designs for fast-track delivery. With our vast experience in designing Crude Treatment Facilities, we have pre-engineered solutions for a wide range of crude, both heavy and light, sour (high sulphur) and sweet (low sulphur). With our expertise to design and manufacture most equipment in-house, we can provide optimized facilities quickly.

Depending upon properties such as crude API gravity, hydrogen sulphide (H²S) content, and water content, an Early Production Facility may comprise all or most of the following equipment to meet outlet specifications:

  • Separator
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Desalter/Dehydrator
  • Crude Stabilisation Column
  • Crude Heater
  • Flare System
  • Pumps
  • Chemical Injection System
  • Utility & Instrument Air System
  • Control Room
  • DG Diesel Generator Set
  • Fuel Oil System
  • Day Tanks & Storage Tanks
  • Truck Loading Terminals

Preparing a flow scheme with the right set of equipment for an EPF is an art. The same flow scheme which is may be best option for a typical flow rate and crude will not be fit for a different set. The designer has to make a balance between engineering and economics. With our experience of FEED and design of Crude Processing Facilities, we have access to a wide range of actual data and crude assays . After analysing different crude assays which we used to design various Crude Processing Facilities, we have developed two designs for Early Production Facilities which optimize both the engineering and economics of Oil Processing.

Our systems are designed based on actual field data which most of the time varies drastically from simulation results for crude processing systems. With our experience in troubleshooting field problems, we know exactly what can go wrong and try to include those features so that our customers don’t waste time after installation. All of these packages are modularised including pipe racks.


Crude requires a custom approach for treatment. Our rich experience in designing separators allows us to offer design with customized internals to best suit the crude. With use of advanced separator internals, we guarantee proper separation even for difficult crudes.


Depending upon salt present in crude and the API gravity of crude, we can offer single- stage or two-stage desalters to meet the performance guarantee. Our mixing valve design ensures efficient mixing and reduces water requirement. For treatment of heavy crude, water removal can be a challenge. Incomplete water removal will cause upsets in the Stabilisation Column.

Crude Stabilisation Column

To treat crude with high H²S content, we provide a crude stabilisation column. Depending upon availability of sweet gas or nitrogen in field, stripping could be also done. With a combination of re boiler and stripping gas, the fuel consumption is decreased and the recovery of crude is increased as it reduces the operating temperature of the stabilisation column. Normally in absence of stripping gas, turndown is an issue. We designed our EPF where it can achieve lower turndown which provides more flexibility.